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Hello all - I'd like advice on purchasing a used GLA

Hello, I am considering the purchase of a 2015 GLA 25 4Matic. There are about 31,500 miles on the car. I've been quoted a price of $24,000 out the door by the dealership. I'm buying from a Lexus dealer so it's not Mercedes certified pre-owned (I plan to take it to the Mercedes dealership of record for the full 150-point inspection after purchase since they are familiar with the vehicle's service history). The Carfax came back clean with the exception of one incident of damage and two owners. The vehicle looks good aside from a minor scratch on the bumper and a small divet in the upholstery. Is there anything I should ask about at the dealership? This is my first used car purchase so I want to make sure I've considered all potential issues. Thanks in advance for your help!