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4matic Currently unavailable' then in red 'Without changing gear, consult workshop


New member
United kingdom
I was sat at traffic lights and got the messages on my dash in white '4matic Currently unavailable' then in red 'Without changing gear, consult workshop'

The car wont start is stuck in gear and cant be pushed. It was recovered and taken to a garage the next day. It had to be dragged onto a recovery truck but the following day started and was driven off. The garage diagnosed it and found a number of errors and they said it was related to the key not been recognised and next time it occurs use the key instead of the push start.

3 months later im driving along and the error 4matic Currently unavailable and the car drops into neutral. I pull over and turn the car off. I try to start it back up and Without changing gear, consult workshop is back on. The car is stuck in gear and recovered to a different garage. They diagnose it found a number of faults all relating to various components not communicating. I was out of town and decided to get it recovered back home. The car would not start until approximately 24 hours after it stopped and all a sudden it starts again.

I have taken it to a local garage and they have said it would be a number of things but unless you can unplug each connection while it is in fault.

I really want to get this fixed but im at a loss if anyone can help. The biggest 'coincidence' is both times it was torrential rain both times, both times the car started again after 24 hours without any intervention. WHATS GETTING WET???