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2017 Mercedes-Benz GLA Facelift Spied


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The Mercedes-Benz GLA is the last model of the A-Class family to receive its minor mid-life facelift, and just like with the rest of the range, it looks like it?s going to be a very discreet affair.

The small crossover has proven to be a real success for Mercedes-Benz, and just by looking at it, it's easy to see why. The GLA is basically a more masculine version of the A-Class with a slightly higher seating position and increased ground clearance.

All these modifications over its A-Class sibling are obvious enough to be instantly noticed, yet subtle enough to keep the GLA from actually ending up in the crossover area. It?s still elegant, agile and sporty, much more so than adventurous or robust, two adjectives much more suited for an SUV.

We?ve seen the direction BMW went in with the new X1, making it larger and more SUVish then before, but it?s too early to talk about any significant changes for the GLA. For now, all we?re dealing with is a facelift, so there will be no change in dimensions or anything like that. Besides, even the old X1 was based on the 3 Series, a car one segment higher than the A-Class, the model that shares its platform with the GLA.

If you?ve been following the compact-segment facelift procedure Mercedes-Benz has been employing for the rest of the models, you?ll be pretty up to date with what?s in store for the GLA. On the outside, expect some minor changes to the car?s front and rear lights - just like before, the shape will remain the same with only the graphics going through an update.

The Mercedes-AMG GLA45 4MATIC has already got the 21 hp bump the other models received, so there won?t be anything new there. The A-Class also gained a new entry-level version with a 1.6-liter 102 hp engine called A160, but whether the GLA will get it as well is only a guess.

More significant changes will come inside, where the GLA will be equipped with a larger 8-inch display for its COMAND unit that will now be compatible with Apple CarPlay and MirrorLink. The GLA will also benefit from the DYNAMIC SELECT option that will come for the first time with adaptive suspension. Unfortunately for the small crossover, the dashboard design will remain the same, cluttered with way too many buttons and showing none of those simple, flowing lines that sit so well in the C-Class and all the other new models.

But if the GLA was a success up until now, we see no reason why its fate should change following this facelift. The new model is expected to debut in the second half of this year as a 2017 model, so there?s still some time left to gather more information.

Below is an older video of the GLA while further down the page you can find the latest spy shots showing the crossover in silver and sporting a huge sunroof and a different front bumper.