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Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class vs. CLA-Class

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You know what Americans love? Animal memes? Arguing politics on Facebook? Bacon? No - well, actually yes - but, crossovers too! Americans love crossovers. So much so that automakers are scrambling to field new models with each passing year. And while these tall, lifted little people movers owe something to bigger SUVs, most of them have more in common with cars than anything else. The upcoming Ford EcoSport? A tall Fiesta. The Chevy Trax? A stretched Sonic. Even the luxury brands are getting into it, and like everyone else, they?re reaping the benefits from crossover-mania.

In late 2013, Mercedes introduced the CLA-Class, an attractive compact sedan designed to hook young buyers and make them life-long brand loyalists. Starting at a shade under $30K, the CLA has done an admirable job as Benz?s gateway drug, selling nearly 100,000 of them in the U.S. - big numbers for a luxury brand.

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